Universal car holder for tablet

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Use this handy and safe car holder to securely attach your tablet to your car windshield and take advantage of the GPS function on your device at all times while driving.

Its 360 ° adjustable arms adjust perfectly in landscape or portrait position and ensure a stable and secure support to your device, avoiding accidental falls.

MULTI-POSITION SUPPORT: This support allows you to orient the tablet according to your preferences: in horizontal or vertical position, you can adjust it to the ideal angle to watch the GPS on your device

EXTENDABLE ARMS: Thanks to the extendable clamps, the holder accommodates any type of tablet with a width between 145 and 282 mm. The arms attach securely to the device to prevent accidental drops.

EASY TO INSTALL: It consists of several parts that fit together without difficulty and simply attaches to the windshield of your car thanks to the practical integrated suction cup.

Color: Black

Package Contents:1x Car holder

Product compatibility  Tablet: Length between 145 mm and 282 mm

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